Our Story

The Rockit project; which started out as just 1-2 orchards in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand is now ever-expanding with licensed growers in the UK, USA, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France and more countries. This enables the Havelock North Fruit Company (HNFC) to keep up with increasing demand for Rockit and to eventually have Rockit available 12 months of the year with Northern and Southern Hemisphere production.

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Orchard locations are carefully selected based on optimum temperatures and soil richness,
to produce the best quality Rockit apples possible.

Our Products

Rockit is transforming and challenging both the snack food market and the fruit market worldwide with unique apples which are naturally cross bred to be the world’s first miniature apple, marketed in novel tube packaging.

Rockit apples are prewashed, small in size (1.5 x the size of a golf ball) with a sweet flavour, thin skin, a distinctive bright red blush, small core and a fantastic crisp crunch.

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Our News

October 26, 2015

Rockit Finalist in ExportNZ ASB Awards

Hawke’s Bay innovation and strategy are being rewarded in the region’s first ExportNZ ASB Awards. Designers and manufacturers dominate the QBE Innovation in Export Award with […]
August 18, 2015

Heavy Hitter joins Havelock North Fruit Company

Heavy-hitting professional director John Loughlin is the Havelock North Fruit Company’s (HNFC) new chairman. He is also chairman of Powerco, Tru-Test Corporation and EastPack and former […]