Nature's little treat

Rockit™ apple - Our deliciously sweet and crisp, miniature apple is the perfect 100% natural treat for families on the go. Washed and packed into recyclable tubes, it’s a safe, healthy snack, ready to eat straight from the tube and perfect for all ages – in the car, at sport, at your desk or at school.

Perfectly-sized, crisp, juicy and delicious, Rockit apples are naturally nutritious and provide many essential vitamins, minerals and fibre which contribute to good health and wellbeing. Rockit apples are naturally bred, GMO-free and safe.

Our Story

We aim to bring better health, happiness and a little bit of nature into millions of lives around the globe.

We envisage a time when people all around the world will put down their processed snacks, and instead will choose a nutritious Rockit apple, giving their bodies a healthy, tasty treat with natural energy.


Small but mighty

They say “Good things come in small packages” and a Rockit apple is just that. It’s the miniature treat that packs a big nutritional punch.

For busy office workers it’s got 65% more potassium than the average apple.* For the gym-junkie it’s got 19% more energy and for those wanting digestive wellness Rockit assists with 10% more fibre*. And compared with other snacks (the ones made in big factories with lots of unpronounceable ingredients) ...well we'd rather not talk about them!

It’s no secret that apples contribute to good health and according to a number of studies, apples contain powerful antioxidants and polyphenols which may reduce risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes. Surely, that makes Rockit apples the ultimate guilt-free snack.

Nutrition table2

*All figures are per serving.
2 Rockit apples = 1 serving / 1 average apple = 1 serving.


Meet the grower - David Figgis

David Figgis is a Rockit™ apple grower in the UK, we caught up with David to find out why he loves growing Rockit™ apples. Read More

Why are Rockit apples sold in a tube

Why are Rockit™ apples sold in a tube?

We’ve had several questions asking why we sell Rockit™ apples in recyclable plastic tubes. It may seem strange at first, so please give us a moment to explain. Read More

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Got a question?

Absolutely! They’re thoroughly washed and dried, meaning they’re safe to eat right out of the tube.

We do, but we only ever use “low impact” sprays that are fully within regulations, and audited by an independent company. The apples are also thoroughly washed to remove any residues, meaning they’re safe to eat right out of the tube. 

Rockit apples are not organic, but any sprays we use are “low impact”, within regulations and are signed off by an independent auditing company.  The apples are also thoroughly washed and dried, meaning they’re safe to eat right out of the tube. 

Yes, the tubes are made of PET which is recyclable.

No way! Rockit apples were bred using only natural techniques, and it has taken 20 years to fully produce and test this variety.

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