Our Story

Rockit™ is the world’s first specially bred miniature ‘high quality’ apple, positioned as a health snack.

Plant and Food Research and Prevar in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand developed this new variety naturally through cross breeding, the variety was then known as “PremA96” and was later renamed “Rockit™”. Developing a new variety for commercialisation using these natural techniques usually takes around 20 years.

The Rockit™ project; which started out as just 1-2 orchards in Hawke’s Bay is now ever-expanding with licensed growers in the UK, USA, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France and more countries. This enables Rockit Global Limited to keep up with increasing demand for Rockit™ and to eventually have Rockit™ available 12 months of the year with Northern and Southern Hemisphere production.

The format for distribution of Rockit™ products is to have either one exclusive licensee in each territory / country who manages the sales into the retail, wholesale, food service, corporate, e-commerce and vending market segments. This has proved a great strategy for the value-added Rockit™ Apples.