This is a fantastic way to promote healthy living. I did not come across till today. My kids love it and I am looking for more inventive ways they can eat fruits rather than sweets. Love it!

The mobility, and handiness of keeping a pack of Rockit brand apples allows me the ability to grab something healthy when and where I need as well as help sustain energy on long trips when I’m on the go. I will continue to keep a tube with me everywhere I go. It’s my go to snack pack, Thank you!

Wow! I just tried my first Rockit Apple! Totally unexpected crispness with a flavour explosion! Amazing! My new favourite fruit!!

Rockit Apple miniature apples are small in size, but big in flavour. Crisp with the perfect amount of crunch.

I just bought my first pack of Rockit Apples and I ate all 3 apples in one sitting. These were the most amazing apples I have ever tasted! You have me hooked.

Just tried your apples, and really enjoyed them. Have never been a big apple eater, these I really enjoyed. They are so crisp and juicy and just the right size for me because I could never eat a whole full sized apple before.

Usually I buy apples and they go to waste around here, but never these! Thank you for putting together such an amazing product!

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for a delicious snack.  I love the handy packaging and the lovely taste from these apples.

Omg the best apples I ever had love the size! Perfect! My favourite! So sweet and juicy!! Yummy!

I LOVE those apples! I have never been able to eat a whole apple and I hate wasting food but these little guys are perfect, perfect size, perfect taste, perfect snack.