Rockit Apples

Rockit™ is transforming and challenging both the snack food market and the fruit market worldwide with unique apples which are naturally cross bred to be the world’s first miniature apple, marketed in novel tube packaging.

Rockit™ apples are prewashed, small in size (1.5 x the size of a golf ball) with a sweet flavour, thin skin, a distinctive bright red blush, small core and a fantastic crisp crunch.

It is “one of a kind” there are no other miniature apples on the market which taste as great! The size makes it perfect for children, and it is equally ideal for busy adults and sportspeople who require a healthy snack.

Not only are the apples unique but the packaging stands out as well; it looks good, is hygienic and is convenient for people to grab on the go, with options from 3 apples to 6 apples per pack.