1Do you have nutritional information for your apples?
Click here for the Rockit™ Apple Nutrition Panel Information
2Are the apples pre-washed?
Yes, the apples are washed when they come into the pack house. This means they are safe to eat right out of the tube.
3Do the apples have sprays on them?
Yes, but the sprays we use on the orchards are fully within regulations, and our spray diaries are audited by an independent company to check they comply. Also, when the apples come into the pack house they do get washed and brush dried to remove any residues. This means they are safe to eat right out of the tube. We use an integrated pest management program which is all about encouraging predator pests into our orchards and thus using nature to control the bad pests. Mating disruption is used extensively. Our methods are the most advanced possible and thereby eliminates the worst sprays entirely.
4Is Rockit™ organic?
Rockit™ apples are not organic. But any sprays we use are within regulations and are signed off by an independent auditing company. They are “low impact” therefore. The Rockit™’s are washed when they come into the packhouse and yes they can be eaten straight out of the tubes. We are looking to develop a range of organic Rockit™’s in the future which we are very excited about.
5Are the tubes recyclable?
Yes the tubes are made of PET which is recyclable. We are currently developing a new tube which will be made using a polymer process which results in a compostable tube.
6Is ROCKIT™ genetically modified?
No, Rockit™ was bred using natural techniques and it has taken 20 years to fully produce and test this variety.